Florida Marlins to Be Renamed Miami Marlins Next Season

Robert Knapel

Next year, many of the teams in baseball will see a new name on their schedules. No, baseball is not adding any more teams. The Florida Marlins franchise is changing their name.

A few years after one Florida baseball team changed their name, the Florida Marlins will be doing the same. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays became the Tampa Bay Rays after 10 years of existence. Now, after just 18 seasons, the Florida Marlins will be changing their name as well.

The Marlins will finally have a ballpark to call their own next season after sharing Joe Robbie Stadium, now known as Sun Life Stadium with the Miami Dolphins. The team will be moving into Miami Ballpark, which is located in the Little Havana section of the city. The stadium is located at the site of the former Orange Bowl.

With the new stadium, the Marlins will have a new name as well. The team will be known as the Miami Marlins next season. The move makes sense being that the taxpayers in Miami were the ones helping to finance the new stadium.

The name change came as part of the deal that was signed when Miami-Dade county had agreed to finance the team's new stadium.

Marlins fans had originally wanted the team to be named the Miami Marlins, but then owner H. Wayne Huizenga decided that he did not like the name, and he called the team the Florida Marlins instead.


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