Masters 2011: The Top 10 Worst Dressed Golfers Ever

Austin Schindel

The 2011 Masters is here, and the best in the world are gathered to fight for one of golf's biggest prizes. Of course, we will be talking about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, but how about the guys that do not get as much attention? What about the oddballs that play the game with a little extra personality?

There is a gentleman's dress code in golf that favors modesty and class. Pants and a shirt with a collar are preferred.

But why do these guys have to simply wear boring old solid colors? Why can't we see something different for once? Well, these guys have done that, and more. 

These are the 10 worst dressers on the PGA Tour...or are they?

10. Bubba Watson

Best Masters Finish: 2008 (20th place; +2)

Fashion Sense: Watson's color palette is tame compared to some of the other guys on tour. His worst fashion move has to be the Gilligan hat featured in the next slide. Watson is considered one of the sleepers in this year's Masters.

Some believe his chances have improved due to a better short game. Others think it's because we cannot stop looking at his white pants.

Bubba Watson (cont.)

With Gilligan,
The Skipper too, 
The millionaire and his wife, 
The movie star 
The professor and Mary Ann, 
Here on Gilligan's Isle.

9. Jesper Parnevik

Best Masters Finish: 2001 (20th place; -5)

Fashion Sense: I do wonder why he dons the Upper Deck, Wesley Snipes in White Men Can't Jump, flat-rimmed hat. Does it block out the sun? Does it get him in touch with his inner 1990s Will Smith? All of these answers need to addressed at some point.

Parnevik has not played in the Masters since 2005. Rumor has it that he lost his hats and would not go on the course.

Jesper Parnevik (cont.)

Thinking very seriously about what he is wearing.

8. Duffy Waldorf

Best Masters Finish: 1996 (fifth place; -4)

Fashion Sense: Is this camouflage? Hawaiian shirt? Jungle attire? Duffy Waldorf is bringing the Boca Raton country club to the PGA Tour. This is what your weird uncle wears when you tell him that you are going golfing. He has played once in his life and thinks this is what golfers wear.

As ugly as it is, I cannot seem to take my eyes off this shirt.

Duffy Waldorf (cont.)

I love the "The Duffy" hat. I need to get me one of those.

7. Rickie Fowler

Best Masters Finish: N/A (first Masters)

Fashion Sense: I didn't know that they let prisoners on the PGA Tour. The orange jumpsuit is just not working. He looks like a giant creamsicle. The worst part is the hat, which makes him look more like a skateboarding punk than a professional golfer.

Since he is only 22 years old, I'll give him some leeway, because I assume he will grow up.

He also looks like Zac Efron. That has nothing to do with his attire, but it's a mark against him.

Rickie Fowler (cont.)

Am I looking at a professional golfer or a guy hanging out at the mall on a Friday night?

6. Rory Sabbatini

Best Masters Finish: 2007 (second place; +3)

Fashion Sense: Purple checkers! Purple pants! You have to be pretty secure in your manhood to wear an outfit like this. His fashion sense is outrageous, but at least he matches, unlike some of the other people higher up on the list.

Rory Sabbatini (cont.)

Look at that belt buckle. The more I look at his outfit, the more I like his painfully awful style.

5. Ryo Ishikawa

Best Masters Finish: 2010 (49th place; +4)

Fashion Sense: There is no way that he looked in the mirror before driving to the course. This looks like a Halloween costume. The backwards orange hat, the sunglasses and the "salmon" striped pants are just too much. It is like looking at a Flintstones Push-Up pop.

Ryo, come on man.

Ryo Ishikawa (cont.)

Mustard anyone?

4. Payne Stewart

Best Masters Finish: 1986 (eighth place; -4)

Fashion Sense: With no disrespect to the deceased Payne Stewart, the guy was a flamboyant dresser. High socks, sweater vests (sponsored by NFL teams) and that patented matching hat were sorta awesome. He was one of the first guys to really go out on a limb and start wearing crazy outfits each and every tournament.

His lifestyle and attitude reflected his clothing choices, which made him one of golf's more lovable characters.

Payne Stewart (cont.)

Payne "White Shoes" Stewart.

3. Shingo Katayama

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Best Masters Finish: 2009 (fourth place; -10)

Fashion Sense: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that he looks like he is going clubbing. This would even be an extreme outfit for that setting. It looks more like he is going to a rave. 

Katayama's dark shades, colorful polo and lime green pants look like a kid's coloring book. Some say style—I say ugly.

Shingo Katayama (cont.)

Cowboy hat looks great, man. We all know that golfing is a national pastime of the cowboy community.

2. Ian Poulter

Best Masters Finish: 2010 (10th place; -5)

Fashion Sense: Poulter would be No. 1 if were not for the great Daly. Above are just a few of the many ridiculous outfits worn by the Brit. You have to love the patriotism displayed with the red, white and blue pants or the purple pants and pink shirt. 

I hope he wins the Masters this year so we can see him get the green jacket on top of a pink shirt.

Ian Poulter (cont.)

Oof. Those pants...

1. John Daly

Michael Cohen/Getty Images

Best Masters Finish: 1993 (third place; -5)

Fashion sense: Wow factor. John Daly has had his fair share of off-the-course issues. On the course, his personality shines through his carefree attitude and, well, his insane closet. I wonder what it's like when he walks into a store before an event: "Let me get the craziest looking thing you have, and make it large."

People get on Daly for his renegade attitude. I think that his awesomely terrible group of outfits makes him relevant in the game and makes him a spectacle every time he walks on the golf course.

John Daly (cont.)


Okay, we're done now. Don't worry.

John Daly (Finally Done)


M-I-C-K-E-Y    M-O-U-S-E


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