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Iowa Strength Coach Chris Doyle Denies Making Racist Comments

Joseph Zucker

Iowa strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle issued a statement after he was placed on administrative leave amid allegations he made racist remarks toward players.

"I have been asked to remain silent, but that is impossible for me to do," Doyle wrote Sunday. "There have been statements made about my behavior that are not true. I do not claim to be perfect. I have made mistakes, learned lessons and like every American citizen, can do better. At no time have I ever crossed the line of unethical behavior or bias based on upon race. I do not make racist comments and I don't tolerate people who do."

On Friday, Chicago Bears offensive lineman James Daniels alluded to "too many racial disparities in the Iowa football program," which led to former players recounting some of their experiences:

Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Jaleel Johnson responded to say that "Coach Doyle is the problem in that building," to which Daniels agreed:

Iowa uploaded a video from head coach Kirk Ferentz, who said he saw the various posts on social media and that Doyle would be placed on leave pending an independent review:

Ferentz addressed the situation again Sunday.

"I want to thank former players who have had the courage to speak out about their experiences in our program," he said, per ESPN's Adam Rittenberg. "I'm very very sorry about any hardships they endured."

The Athletic's Nicole Auerbach shared more of Ferentz's comments: "Clearly there's not enough candid conversation or the players haven't felt safe enough to visit and give me feedback."

Doyle has served as the Hawkeyes' head strength and conditioning coach since 1999.


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