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Dean Jones Talks Neymar, Jadon Sancho, Ronaldo, Timo Werner, More in B/R AMA

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Despite not football games currently taking place due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are no shortage of topics and rumors from around the world to discuss.  

Bleacher Report football insider Dean Jones sat down for an AMA with fans to talk about everything from Manchester City's potential ban to the likelihood Neymar returns to Barcelona and much more. 

The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.

@_HomerSimpson: Do you think Neymar will go to Barca this summer?

It looks almost impossible. They still want him. Neymar wants to go back. Economically, as it stands now, it looks impossible. 

Some stories say he'll take half the salary he's making at PSG...he's been willing to do that. The big question is over Barcelona being able to raise big funds of cash for the transfer or a package of players to convince PSG to let him go.

@5FilsonSoccerFCB: What is your opinion on Lautaro or Neymar? What should Barca do? Or is there another player they should get?

I think Lautaro or Neymar is ideal. Both would appease Messi, but especially Neymar. He also knows and likes Lautaro. Messi clearly hasn't been happy recently and has pushed for Neymar for a year now. If you were to pick one it would be Neymar.

@MustafaJafri: What would Barca's lineup look like with Lautaro and Neymar? 4-2-4?

No to the 4-2-4.

Lautaro is the long term Suarez replacement. Initially, not sure where he fits, but with Neymar, he would automatically go back out wide...where they've tried Griezmann and it hasn't worked. It's not his natural position and he doesn't want to play it. Neymar, Messi and Suarez for the immediate future up top.

@haleyc789: Which high profile player is most likely to move this summer?


@m3che: Will Sancho leave or stay? If he leaves, where will he go?

As it stands, If I were to choose a club tomorrow it would be United. They can pay him best. They are selling the deal based on heritage and tradition giving him the No. 7 shirt and turn him into the poster boy. The big drawback is whether or not United are playing CL football next season. If he had a choice right now, it would be United.

Rashford is happy for Sancho to join...Utd dream of a front three of Martial Sancho and Rashford that would be one of the best front threes in the world. 

Having a dig at City would be an added bonus.

@danielp11: Does Sancho to Chelsea still have any legs? Seems it's faded

It has legs, but only if the United deal collapses.

@piercelaszlo10: How many signings do you see Man Utd making and who are they?

I think they will sign four players. Grealish, Sancho, look out for Jude Bellingham of Birmingham City and they would love to sign a central defender.

@NoleFanForLife: Which transfers are more likely for Man Utd? Grealish and Kane or just Sancho?

Grealish and Sacho: there's a really good chance they both come. They are United's top priorities.

@JohnDavid06: How high are the chances that Man Utd get Kane and Sancho?

That's not happening.

@StephMessi: Ronaldo has been in 3 leagues, do you see this how I see it that he's gonna go to Bayern and PSG to complete his journey and then retire?

No. I think his next stop will be MLS. Ronaldo has already conquered Europe. He's having one last crack at the CL, so the next stop for him is to take over the world and that means winning over America. Could be Miami or LA. I've heard several times it's something he fancies.

@emmettshea: Which world-class players do you believe will head to MLS in next three years?

Ronaldo, Ozil, David Silva, Edison Cavani and Luka Modric are the most likely.

@Waysian67: How close is Liverpool to signing Werner? Any chance he'll go to another club?

Everything I'm hearing is that this WILL happen. The only confusion comes with this pause in activity and how hard it is to negotiate and have discussions right now because of the travel ban. I'm told Werner is desparate to play in the Premier league. I know he's linked with a lot of English clubs, but if he's going to come he has to go to a team that's really challenging. Plus there's the lure of Klopp, so that make Liverpool his top destination. If he leaves Lepzig, which is looking likely, it's his only real landing spot.

@JLions871: Who are the top transfer targets for Chelsea? Anything big you're hearing coming from Frank and the kids?

Lampard wants a lot. New keeper, new LB, new CB, new wide forward and a new striker. Some targets include: Nick Pope, Ben Chilwell, Koulibaly, Milan Skriniar, Timo Werner, Jadon Sancho, Icardi, Moussa Dembele, and even look out for a cheeky bid for Aubameyang.

@CR7GOAT7: Where do you think Bale will go? 

Bale is stuck at RM. Or Madrid is stuck with Bale. However you want to look at it because of his wages. He will leave adn there will be one more club for him. The big decision is whether it's back in the PL or chasing money somewhere else.

Tottenham would take Bale back, but it would be nothing like the terms he's on now. And when you look at SPurs current financial position, it would be unlikely this summer. If he were to find another club abroad, then PSG might be and option. We're getting to a point where Mbappe or Neymar will leave and Bale still has the ability to rinse everyone in Ligue 1. 

@Rhettro: Will Man City finally solve their CB dilemma and, if so, who are the potential targets?

They're going to try...that's the plan at least before the Corona Virus hit.

Koulibaly, Soyuncu Rueben Diaz are all players they're looking at very closely. They really like the idea of signing two names if possible. One would be top level name and experience and the other would an emerging talent.


@Pyronamic: Where will Koulibaly go if he does go? City? Utd? Chelsea?

He has a lot of interest from Man City. Chelsea are definitely interested as well. I'm not entirely sure how much he wants to come into English football, but I've been told he's keen to make a move this year and push himself to the next level.


@kxpere1: If Man City's UCL ban goes through, who would be most likely to leave and where to?

City are going to have a big overhaul anyway. If the ban goes through...that would cement Sane for sure. IT would also raise questions over Aguero, who wants to stay, but if they're not in CL, he might consider leaving and they would find someone new.

One name that won't be influenced by the ban is Pep. That decision is separate.


@bobby_schneider1: Leroy Sane to Bayern?

Sane is still keen, but the finances discussed before play stopped might now have to change in terms of fee and contract. Bayern will try to negotiate under 70M pounds, but that won't please City because it was poised to be 100M pounds earlier in the year.

Bayern is the only club he'll leave City for and I'd say there's a 80% chance it happens this summer.


@MrBeast04: What big name is most likely to join Barca?

Lautaro Martinez has a chance. It's also very complicated because they can't do a cash deal because of their cash flow problems and there are back room issues at the club. Barca want it and it's Martinez' first choice destination. It's all about Barca coming up with a player package. Lautoro has a release clause, but Barca can't trigger it because they don't have the cash.


@ExtraSpicy47: Is Messi going to be available?

Nope. Just can't ever see him leaving Barca.

@jsavage56: What's going to happen with Kane this summer?

Tot Chairman Levy does not want to sell Kane to another Prem club ideally, especially now with the chances him getting 200M pounds  is not going to happen in this climate. For the first time, Kane is def thinking about leaving Spurs and I'm told he has a 1-year notice agreement with Levy to make that happen. Spurs would wave it if he leaves for a club abroad...Real Madrid basically...but as it stands nobody can afford Harry Kane. So he'll have to see out through the year with Spurs.


@Russo4Reds: Is there a chance Man Utd get both Maddison and Grealish, or is it one or the other?

It's one or the other and they decided it's Grealish. He's more attainable. 


@jgalanides: Do you think Dortmund will be getting Jude Bellingham, or will he choose Man Utd?

BVB have given him an interesting option to consider, but all the signs right now suggest he's going to opt for Old Trafford.


@AEngland: Likelihood of Saul to Man Utd?

Very slim.


@mrislandman: When will Man Utd fans get the good news that Pogba was sold to either Juve or Madrid?

July 2021. Don't see how this is happening right now within this financial climate.


@Vinsanity123: What will happen to Auba?

Auba already wanted a new contract at ARsenal with a substantial pay rise. But nothing was agreed before the global crisis and at a time when Arsenal are trying to reel in their finances and at the same time are not showing any signs of challenging for major silverware, they are almost certain to lose him. He's got 1 year left on his contract...there's no way they can let him leave on a free transfer. They need to find a buyer and a deal that suits them now.


@ryandidonato: Who is Arsenal focusing on bringing in this summer?

Arsenal are going to be looking for bargains when the next window opens. I've heard that Ryan Frazer of Bournemouth is someone they'll go for. The most exciting one I've heard mentioned is a loan deal for Luka Jovic from Real Madrid.


@nbergeron: Any news on the potential swap deal, Lacazette for Partey?

I haven't heard any news on this one. My only hunch is that they wouldn't let Laca and Auba leave in the same window.


@ATMike: How realistic is Auba to Madrid? Could they really spend £50-60M on a 30-yr-old instead of waiting to get Mbappe?

I don't think they're desperate to sign him. He's someone they've had their eye on for 3 seasons, but he's not a priority and I have heard anything to suggest it's likely to happen.


@CuseNation44: Will Aubameyang leave Arsenal?

It's more than likely.


@Hipcat24: Is Ozil leaving Arsenal and who can afford his wages?

Ozil wants to see out his contract at Arsenal. Nobody globally will match what he's making now. He hasn't shown the form that suggests that he could be worth that kind of money. Again, he's a player that sees himself landing in America. DC United is a place he's been linked to several time. I've heard from a bunch of people that know him closely and they've said it's a realistic chance for 2021.

@bananas74: What is going to happen to James Rodriguez?

He needs to leave RM permanently. Now it's a case of just finding a place that suits him. It's been sad to watch what's happened to him since signing for Madrid. He's ending his contract soon there and that means clubs might be able to get him for a better fee. He just needs to find a manager that believes in him and will build around him.


@eroberts5: What is your opinion on Real's reported interest in signing a new attacking 3 within the next 2 years of Haaland, Sancho and Mbappe?

It won't be all three, but I think Haaland and Mbappe is realistic.


@A7: David Alaba to Madrid?

Alaba leaving Bayern is plausible because it's a position where they're well-stocked. I know that Madrid are genuinely interested in him. This isn't a priority though. They're not desperate to do the deal. So, if a scenario popped up that makes perfect sense, then they wold do it. But at this stage, it's no more than a 50% chance.


@CT031008: Which year do you think Mbappe goes to Madrid?

I thought it was going to be 2020. Now I don't think there's much chance of it happening this year because of the finances and how the coronavirus is impacting Madrid. I do think this will be the biggest story next year.


@shyam1: Is it likely that Liverpool will break their trend and splash the cash on a big-name addition to the front three, especially given the new financial strain caused by the virus?.

No, they already splashed all their cash a couple years ago. They make big investments to try and close the gap with the likes of City and they've done it, even more impressively and effectively than anyone expected. They would only make a really big singing if Mane or Salah suddenly left. 


@villyj12: Is Havertz going to Liverpool?

I don't think so no. The only thing I've heard from anybody that would know in Germany is that he'll either go to Dortmund or Bayern first and then a big move outside of Germany.


@benblackmore: On what date will Liverpool announce Mbappe?

July of 2032


@lwilso6679: Liverpool, what are they looking for and who are they looking at?

Outside of Werner, they want a midfielder, but it would be more of a squad player like Cantwell from Norwich or Kalvin Phillips of Leeds. I think that gives you an idea of how Liverpool wants to strengthen and add depth rather than another elite signing. 


@jwhite0715: What position do you think Mourinho will target this summer? Who would be the best fit for Spurs?

Another club. Hahah. I think he wants a full back and centre back, the type of names are Meunier and I was also told Dalot from United. Diop from West Ham and Upamecano from Leipzig have also been scouted. Don't forget, Spurs are not in a great financial position right now so fans shouldn't get too excited about big names arriving.


@deddins: Dybala to Tottenham? Coutinho to Spurs?

Dybala is a non-starter and Coutinho wants back in the PL for a new lease on life. The only way for Spurs to singn him would be on loan.


@edward_yoon: If Kane leaves do you think Son goes next?

No, Son is happy in North London. Despite how impressive he's been, there's been no concrete offers or interest of taking him away.


@arvincare8: Which club will Coutinho be in?

He won't be at Barcelona and he has to consider his next move because he's in a spiral. The Bayern move has been OK, but no signs they want him permanently. I would say La LIga is an option at a different club, but financially nobody will be able to do that. So, he comes back to England on loan. Tottenham, Chelsea or Everton are my guesses.

Everton is more feasible than you'd imagine.


@henryschumacher: I read an article saying only 3 Premier League teams can spend in the upcoming window. Do you know how true that is? Do you know which teams?

It is more than 3 teams. Ones who can spend: United, Chelsea, Everton, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Newcastle now and Wolves. 


@TheSheriff11: Is Alex Telles to Chelsea a done deal?

I don't know the agent involved, so I don't have information on this one.


@ZM81: What's the new $200M? Eg. how much would Neymar or Mbappe cost? Also, any truth in Ronaldo leaving Juve?

Neymar was a one off and we won't approach that anytime soon. The most anyone will go for this summer is Sancho at 100M pounds. Generally, I think valuations will drop by 20 or 25%.


@Bearsfan113: Do you expect Newcastle to make an attempt at a big-name signing after the takeover?

It'll definitely change their approach to the window. There are no concrete names right now, but I know Bruce is desperate for a new No. 9. Joelinton has not delivered and they can't risk waiting on him to deliver. If this goes through they'll definitely push the boat out.


@axelc: Where is Cavani likely to end up? Are Atletico favourites?

Cavani is tough because it comes down to money and we're not sure who has it right now. Atleti is a very suitable destination but I do know he'll pick La Liga over anywhere else.


@daniel923: Could Joao Felix really move on from Atletico?

It was a huge gamble to spend so much on him so young, but I really don't see who else is giong to spend this huge amount of money on him right now. United have been interested in the past. They admire him for sure, but they've got other avenues they're already exploring. I think, actually, Felix needs more time at Atleti. A player of his age and style of play needs confidence and familiarity to play a their highest level. I've heard nothing to suggest that he'll leave.

Depending on how the pandemic continues to play out, the summer transfer window is shaping up to feature significant activity with some of the biggest stars in the sport potentially on the move. 

The window is scheduled to open on July 1, though it could be pushed back with leagues planning to finish their season later than normal.


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