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Timeline of Coronavirus' Impact on Sports

Joseph Zucker

As the spread of the coronavirus accelerated across the United States, a number of sports leagues altered their schedules in response to the pandemic.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 754,900 worldwide cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed and 36,571 people have died as of the evening of March 31.

The sports landscape has consequently altered significantly, from playing games behind closed doors to canceling events and putting leagues on temporary suspension. Here's an updated look at the steps taken because of the coronavirus (all times ET).


Tuesday, March 31


Monday, March 30


Sunday, March 29


Saturday, March 28


Friday, March 27


Thursday, March 26


Wednesday, March 25


Tuesday, March 24


Monday, March 23


Sunday, March 22


Saturday, March 21


Friday, March 20


Thursday, March 19


Wednesday, March 18


Tuesday, March 17


Monday, March 16


Sunday, March 15


Saturday, March 14


Friday, March 13


Thursday, March 12


Wednesday, March 11

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