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Look: NASCAR Champion Joey Logano Visits Donald Trump at the White House

Rob Goldberg

NASCAR driver Joey Logano was honored at the White House Tuesday after winning the Monster Energy Cup Series title last year.

He got to spend some time next to President Donald Trump, as well as the trophy and his No. 22 car parked right in front of the building.

Although several sports teams have turned down the opportunity to celebrate titles with Trump, Logano was seemingly happy to be there.

"I gotta pinch myself to think what I'm doing here right now," the driver said, per Jeff Gluck.

Meanwhile, Trump praised Logano, saying his Ford went "a little faster than the other ones, but it also had to do with your right foot," via TMZ Sports.

The president was also gifted a racing helmet from last season:

The NASCAR season continues in Dover International Speedway in Delaware on Sunday, a relatively short trip for Logano from Washington, D.C.


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