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Trace McSorley NFL Draft 2019: Scouting Report for Baltimore Ravens' Pick

Matt Miller


—Phenomenal leader and teammate at Penn State.

—Can escape the pocket and make throws on the run. Quick footwork and throwing motion.

—Able to complete passes with rushers in his face.

—Shows good ball velocity on short and intermediate throws.

—Tough, physical quarterback who plays with a chip on his shoulder and has been successful at every level.



—Lacks size and bulk for the NFL (6'0", 202 pounds). Durability may be a concern even though he's tough as nails.

—Limited arm strength. Kept most of his throws in the middle of the field, and deep throws were not a real option for his skill set.

—Batted balls have been an issue despite mobility.

—Accuracy concerns were evident during his senior year. 

NFL teams have asked him to work out at defensive back and wide receiver.



When Saquon Barkley was at Penn State, Trace McSorley looked like a completely different player. Many scouts were eager to see McSorley in 2018 after an impressive 2017 campaign. However, McSorley was not able to create with the same style and production in his senior year. The mobile quarterback was another candidate to work out at other positions at the combine but declined to do so.





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