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The Titan Games 2019 Results, Highlights from Week 7

Tyler Conway

The Battle of the Titans is set. 

Brad Schaeffer and Kara Lazauskas earned the final two spots in Thursday's episode of The Titan Games.

Schaeffer defeated Elisara Edwards in a battle that went down to the final seconds. Edwards smashed through the final concrete and was searching for the relic first, but Schaeffer's patience and thorough work cleared his path to victory. 

Lazauskas took down Shannon Decker in a complete blowout in the Mount Olympus competition.

Decker never stopped fighting until the last second, but she was not in the same league as Lazauskas, who looks like a contender to win the whole thing. 

Edwards dominated Davy Barnes in the atlas smash competition, using long swings to break down the concrete ball and pull its remains quickly up the rope.

Barnes, a weight lifter, struggled to make a dent in his second ball in particular—thanks in large part to his decision to go with short swings. 

Schaeffer made the finals after Covenant Falana made a critical error in the tower drop. Falana missed one of the seven blue poles and pulled the gold pole out too soon, allowing Schaeffer to clinch a neck-and-neck victory 

Decker ran away with an easy victory in the uprising competition. She utilized a diving technique to smash through the barriers, while Sandra Arechaederra struggled after getting through the first two barriers. 

Lazauskas was equally dominant in her victory over Breona Evans in the off the rails challenge. She used a combination of precision and strength to pull 600 pounds of weight down an anchored path and raced to an easy win over Evans, who fell well behind. 

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