WWE Hot Take: Vince McMahon Suspending Becky Lynch Was Actually the Perfect Move

Chris Roling

It must be WrestleMania season because the McMahons are inserting themselves into the biggest storylines again.

Except this time, it might just be perfect.

Becky Lynch is WWE's hottest commodity and had the possible main event of the entire show scheduled against Ronda Rousey. Given the year she's had and the speculation Rousey could end up leaving sooner rather than later, the fan-backed Lynch seemed like the perfect person to not only take the belt and headline the division but be heavily featured in the first-ever women's main event at the promotion's premier PPV.

But keeping Lynch as hot as she's been all the way up until WrestleMania wasn't going to be easy.

So Monday's edition of Raw happens. Over the course of the prior week, Lynch had gotten physical with both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. She was told at the start of the show all she had to do was apologize. The end of the show rolls around, she owns up and does...only for CEO Vince McMahon to strip her of the main event bout against Rousey anyway, inserting Charlotte Flair instead. 

To say fans were outraged would classify as an understatement. 

Oh, and don't forget the video has more than 68,000 dislikes as of this writing:


This is how WWE can keep fans invested in the storyline and keep Lynch as hot as possible before WrestleMania rolls around in April. Since WWE wants to anoint the big-match participants this far in advance and still keep this silly schedule that has both Elimination Chamber and Fastlane sandwiched between the Royal Rumble and 'Mania, sometimes keeping fans' interest during the dead zone requires drastic measures. 

And this was drastic. What else is WWE going to do from January to April that would keep Lynch as hot? Before, she was chasing titles and then the Rumble so she could possibly main-event 'Mania. But with the Rumble won and 'Mania secured, she can't go winning titles between now and then. 

Keep in mind Lynch might have only stayed as hot as she did in the first place because she legitimately got injured and written out of a Survivor Series match against Rousey. Had the match unfolded, this slot might have been Flair's either way. 

Instead, Lynch remained white-hot, and both she and the fans sent a clear message to WWE: Lynch was going to eat one of their most valuable commodities, Rousey, alive for months. Remember Rousey's horrific promo on the January 28 edition of Raw in which she looked overwhelmed as the crowd turned on her because she had to cut a promo against Lynch? 

That was going to keep happening in droves. 

So in a way, inserting Flair into the picture, for now, protects both Lynch and Rousey. Lynch, in particular, can go back to being the Stone Cold-esque fan favorite in pursuit of something after being wronged. Rousey can remain in her purgatory of sorts, winning matches but avoiding damage in the promo department. 

Getting Lynch back into the main event isn't exactly hard to write, either. What better way to spruce up a ho-hum affair like Elimination Chamber or Fastlane than to have a main-event spot at 'Mania on the line? Maybe Lynch challenges Flair for the spot. Maybe she gets in the ring with Stephanie McMahon. Even better, maybe she has a physical confrontation with Vince McMahon himself, not unlike AJ Styles a few weeks back, and gets him to rescind his decision to remove her from the main event.

There is always the Flair angle here. She was always going to play a part in this storyline whether fans liked it or not. She beat the tar out of Rousey once and has unfinished business with her, and most of her promos regardless of feuds have kept Lynch as a central theme. And no, her predictable re-entry to the picture doesn't mean the match will end up being a Triple Threat at 'Mania.

Whether the match needs to be a Triple Threat is a totally different conversation. But at this point, don't put it past WWE to tie up some loose ends and bring this back to a one-on-one encounter between Lynch and Rousey. The former is one of the best, and the latter—given ample time to prepare, which she has here—has put on great performance after great performance.

For many, Lynch has not only created one of the best characters and angles in years lately, but she's also made wrestling fun again. And part of that fun is getting played by a storyline, even without realizing it in the moment.

Because right now, WWE couldn't be handling the situation better. Casual and hardcore fans alike are reacting and playing along with the angle, which will make it that much more memorable when Lynch blazes yet another unforgettable path that ends in a main event at WrestleMania.

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