Match Card, Potential Spoilers, Picks and More for WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

Erik Beaston

Championship matches, pain and punishment are on tap for Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, which will give fans of the promotion a taste of what they can expect from Raw and SmackDown brands heading into WrestleMania 35 on April 7.

Daniel Bryan's WWE Championship defense inside the event's titular structure headlines the show, while Ronda Rousey makes yet another defense of her Raw Women's Championship against Ruby Riott, who is looking to throw the women's division further into chaos.

With four other title bouts making up the card and the historic crowning of the first women's tag team champions, Sunday's show looks to have quite a few talking points. What might they be, what does the whole match card look like and who can you expect to emerge victoriously?

Take a look for yourself.

Match Card and Picks


Six championship matches dominate a card that may lack star power but has the potential to be a sleeper hit on this Road to WrestleMania.

Two of those matches will take place inside the unforgiving confines of the Elimination Chamber, and one will make history as a brand-new championship is introduced into the WWE Universe.



The lack of projected championship changes only supports the idea that Sunday's event is a throwaway show. It is merely a placeholder as the company continues its arduous march to the biggest event of the year.

One unexpected title switch could change everything fans thought they knew. Unfortunately, however, it is difficult to find that title change anywhere on this card.

Potential Spoiler

WrestleVotes reported that Kofi Kingston's lengthy run in Tuesday's gauntlet on SmackDown Live was originally meant to be Mustafa Ali's before the breakout star suffered injuries that necessitated his removal from the match.

It also reported that while Kingston may feel like a last-minute addition, "an opportunity has now opened for Kofi, and he has momentum—both [with] fans [and] backstage after his performance."

Kingston was spectacular Tuesday. He turned in one of the finest performances of his career and has created a groundswell of support across social media for a championship victory Sunday night.

While it is unlikely the veteran competitor will emerge with the title, the match could prove another breakout opportunity for a guy who has been really good for a really long time but whose one chance at a sustained main event run went up in smoke a decade ago in a rivalry with Randy Orton.

Look for Kingston to be spotlighted heavily in Sunday's match and maybe even last until the final two before Daniel Bryan retains his WWE Championship in what could prove to be one of the best matches of the year.

Stories to Watch

While she is not advertised for the show, and Monday's episode of Raw saw her suspended by Vince McMahon for 60 days, do not be surprised to see Becky Lynch pop up Sunday in some form or fashion.

The Man is the hottest star in wrestling. Keeping her off the show, even one that appears to be as insignificant as Elimination Chamber seems to be on paper, feels like a mistake.

Expect Lynch to show up as a spectator, ticket in hand, before a scuffle with security and another showdown with the McMahons occurs.

Lynch is the most popular star on the roster. Keeping her off any show is a mistake on the part of management, which wishes it had multiple Lynches running around.

He may not be as popular as Lynch, but do not be surprised to see Seth Rollins appear, either.

The 2019 Royal Rumble winner is suffering from a back injury that will likely keep him out of action until WrestleMania, but he, like Lynch, is a vital member of the roster who should be spotlighted in any way possible.

Maybe that means an in-ring promo interrupted by Paul Heyman or one in which a television rivalry for the next month or so presents itself.

Whatever the case may be, Rollins is expected at Sunday's show per (h/t Cageside Seats). What he does and how the company capitalizes on his star power remains to be seen.

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