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NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson to Run Boston Marathon; Goal Is to Finish Under 3 Hours

Rob Goldberg

Jimmie Johnson is ready to show how fast he can be outside of his car.

The seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion is planning to run the Boston Marathon on April 15 and has an impressive goal of finishing in under three hours.    

"As long as I stay healthy and I can keep that [training] volume up, I think I'll have the kind of day I want to have," Johnson said, per the Associated Press.

The 43-year-old has never tried to complete a marathon before but is reportedly running 70 miles per week in preparation for the event. 

Johnson said he is "treating my body like it was a race car, what lubricants it needs, what fuel it needs and all the particulars that go with it." He added: "I feel like I have a good plan coming together. As long as I stay healthy."

Still, finishing in under three hours for a first marathon would be impressive. Last year's winner, Yuki Kawauchi (now 31 years old), ended the 26.2-mile run in two hours, 15 minutes and 58 seconds, while only one man over 40 finished in less than 2.5 hours, per the official site.

The race will also come only two days after the Toyota Owners 400 at Richmond Raceway. 

In any case, just crossing the finish line will be a significant accomplishment for Johnson as he challenges himself physically.

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