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Adidas Reveals New College Basketball Uniforms for Black History Month

Adam Wells

To celebrate the start of Black History Month on Friday, Adidas has unveiled a series of college basketball uniforms that honor the Harlem Renaissance. 

Paul Lukas of tweeted an image showing what Adidas' special jerseys look like:

Adidas also explained the significance of the Harlem Renaissance in a letter about the uniforms:

"Considered one of the most influential movements in African American history, the Harlem Renaissance was a creative movement that kindled a new cultural identity. In this era, the Renaissance ballroom became a place that epitomized basketball culture as local teams perfected their game on the same wooden floors that were also used for ballroom dance events and jazz shows. Together, the Harlem community infused their spirit of dance & sport within their day to day lives, and created an indisputable marriage between music, culture, and the game."

Men's and women's basketball teams from Adidas' partner schools will wear the uniforms throughout the month of February. 

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