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LeBron James 'King of LA' Mural Vandalized After Fan Offers Money to Alter It

Scott Polacek

Apparently not everyone in Los Angeles is excited about the arrival of LeBron James after Klutch Sports Group announced the four-time MVP agreed to a four-year deal with the storied franchise.

As Basketball Within Borders shared on Instagram, "A LeBron-hating Laker fanatic put out a contract to get this mural of #LeBronJames vandalized today in California. Dude need to get extra security around town. The hate is real."

Last Word Hoops shared images of the mural and the vandalism, which read in part "we don't want you" and "3-6" in a reference to James' record in the NBA Finals:

As the third picture shows, the mural seems to be back in good condition, although the word "of" was removed. 

Twitter user Lakers Fanbase appears to be the one who offered $300 for someone to destroy the mural:

I'm offering $300 to anyone who destroys this mural and shares a video. The mural is located at Baby Blues BBQ - 444 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 #Lakers #Kobe #Lebron

— Lakers Fanbase (@BenOsaze) July 6, 2018

The James-to-Los Angeles decision clearly doesn't have 100 percent approval among all Lakers—or Kobe Bryant—fans, but there were plenty who celebrated outside Staples Center when he made his intentions to join the team clear earlier this month.

If he leads the team to its 17th championship, the celebrations will surely overshadow any hate from those against the move within the fanbase.

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