Alex Gallardo/Associated Press

Fan Catches Foul Ball in Her Beer, Chugs It at Padres Game

Mike Chiari

There wasn't much to celebrate on the field for San Diego Padres fans Tuesday night during their 14-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves, but one fan elicited raucous applause when she snagged a ball in the stands.

As seen in the following video courtesy of Petco Park, a woman caught a ball that was fouled back behind home plate in her cup of beer:

With thousands of eyes fixated on her, she chugged her beer as if she was taking part in a game of beer pong.

After Tuesday's loss, the 28-35 Padres appear to be on track for a 12th straight season without a playoff appearance.

The 2018 season may not be a memorable one for Padres fans in the long run, but the foul-ball-catching, beer-chugging fan who took center stage Tuesday night provided the organization with a highlight-reel performance that can be replayed for years to come.

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