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Braxton Berrios NFL Draft 2018: Scouting Report for New England Patriots' Pick

Matt Miller


—Sacrifices his body for every ball possible.

—Catches the ball in crowds and isn't afraid to work the middle of the field.

—Separates from defenders while the ball is in the area, using his body as a shield.

—Big-time punt returner.

—Excellent short-area quickness to make cuts and get through traffic.



—Undersized; at 5'9", 186 pounds, will struggle to stay healthy playing in the NFL.

—Limited to slot receiver in NFL schemes.

—For a shifty receiver, Berrios doesn't create much after the catch.

—Can high-point the football; his high point just isn't very high.



Braxton Berrios is a typical Bill Belichick guy—a quick intermediate and middle-of-the-field route-runner. Shows exceptional quickness and burst while catching the ball in traffic. Size and durability will be huge question marks for Berrios in the draft. Getting injured at the Senior Bowl after constantly being on the ground may have hurt or helped his stock, depending on who you ask.


GRADE: 5.40 (Round 7)

PRO PLAYER COMPARISON: Cole Beasley, Dallas Cowboys


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