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Tom Brady Ties Brett Favre, Peyton Manning for Most Regular-Season Wins by QB

Tim Daniels

New England Patriots superstar Tom Brady tied NFL legends Peyton Manning and Brett Favre for the most regular-season wins by a quarterback at 186 with the Pats' 19-14 victory Thursday over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. 

Brady already holds the record for the most QB wins in NFL history with 211 thanks to his unmatched postseason success, which includes 25 victories and five Super Bowl titles. Now he's one win away from holding the regular-season mark all by himself too, according to Pro Football Reference.

The 40-year-old University of Michigan product has been an example of high-end consistency since taking over the reins of the Patriots offense in 2001. He holds numerous league records and shows no signs of slowing down as he continues to add to his Hall of Fame resume.

After facing them throughout his career, the New England stalwart holds Manning and Favre in high regard.

In August, the California native talked about discussing the challenges of continuing to play the marquee position at such an advanced with longtime Green Bay Packers signal-caller Favre.

"He's been someone that I've always talked to, so I really enjoy it. I just loved his style. I admired him for so long," Brady told reporters. "We talked about certain things, but yeah, I mean, he was incredible playing as an older quarterback, and he still had a great love for the game. He was a phenomenal player. I always looked up to him."

As for Manning, a constant on-field rival for nearly two decades, Brady explained his admiration for the former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos QB to Peter King of The MMQB after Manning's 2016 retirement.

"Every game he has played, I have watched," Brady said. "I have file folders of his plays, of how he plays. It'd take years for me to watch it all again. But what he's done in Denver has been incredible. Think of what he did—changing teams, changing organizations, at his age, and then in four years going to two Super Bowls with that team."

He added: "Who has lived up to the expectations year after year after year as well as Peyton? He's done it so gracefully, so admirably. He set the standard for how to play the quarterback position."

Favre is already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame after being enshrined as part of the 2016 class. Manning and Brady will eventually both join him in Canton, Ohio.

The Patriots quarterback has more records to break before he walks away from the game, though.


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