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Brandon Austin Reportedly Trying out with 76ers After NBA Arbitration Hearing

Alec Nathan

Brandon Austin will reportedly try out for the Philadelphia 76ers after an arbitrator ruled the NBA is not allowed to fine or suspend a player based on prior legal allegations. 

According to ESPN.com's Zach Lowe, Austinwho faced sexual assault allegations at Providence College and the University of Oregon but was never charged with a crime—has a better chance of signing with an NBA team now that it's been determined he won't face the prospect of punishment upon signing a contract. 

The ruling was key for Austin after the NBA previously sent a memo to teams saying "players could face discipline—including suspensions or fines—in the event any team signed them," according to Lowe. 

Austin has remained unsigned since the memo was sent out. 

However, Lowe noted the ruling doesn't clear the path for Austin entirely since the arbitrator maintained commissioner Adam Silver's overarching power to to nix a contract on the basis that "all players shall be of good moral character."

A Philadelphia native, Austin worked out for the Sixers last June in advance of the NBA draft and addressed the allegations that derailed his college career. 

"Everything was consensual. I didn't do anything wrong," Austin said of the incidents, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Keith Pompey"The intention wasn't wrong. I just made a mistake. A lot of people make mistakes. I just grew from it, and I continue to [grow] today."


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