Paul Tomkins: What Does The Future Hold For The LFC Journalist?

Jamie Ward

This has certainly been a difficult start to the season for Liverpool FC. After much optimism for the new campaign, buoyed by a fantastic end to last season, many "supporters" have already started to turn on the players and manager.

There are some who have kept a level-head during the teams' patchy start, whilst it appears others have given up after just four games.

It would seem being calm, optimistic, and having the common sense to understand the bigger picture, makes you an easy target on discussion boards. LFC forums are filled with "supporters" who seem intent on blowing things out of proportion and attacking those who choose to remain positive.

It is a challenge to remain calm, explain why now is not the time to panic, and not lose our temper when overly negative people choose to ignore the facts of reality.

One dedicated supporter who has found it difficult to remain calm, and continued to provide opinion that doesn't conform to the typical knee-jerk sensationalistic journalism, is Paul Tomkins.

Those who know about Paul will know of his health problems. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome makes it practically impossible to hold down a full-time job, which has led to Paul carving out a career as a journalist and a football based author.

Critically acclaimed by many of his peers and fellow journalists, Paul Tomkins has provided Liverpool supporters with sensible, insightful, and thoroughly researched pieces for a great many years.

But as the fatigue has gradually worsened, combined with the difficulty of publishing your own books in this economic climate and defending the club and his opinion against the fickle nature of fair-weather supporters; the situation has called for a rethink on how to maintain an income.

The idea now is for a subscription based blog that provides supporters with premium content ranging from serialisation of his recent books, incentive schemes and discounts, and regular up to date articles and podcasts.

There are no figures set in stone as yet, just a gauge on how Paul's followers would take to the idea and how much they would be willing to contribute for the content.

For more information on what would be available and what subscribers would be getting for their money, click here for the Paul Tomkins Blog.

"Hang in there, you're easily the best writer about LFC around." - Anu

"You're one of the best Liverpool FC writers around, so good luck whatever course you take mate." - GW

"I've been a big fan of your writing for a long time Paul so I hope you find a solution for the problems you are currently facing." - Gary

" I, like many others, will rue the loss if you drop out of writing about LFC." - Mike

"Frankly you've taught me more about Rafa than any other commentator out there and from what I've seen, only the likes of Jonathan Wilson can seriously compete with you for intuitive analysis of tactics." - Nicholas

"Others have said how reading your comments have helped pick them up. Well I concur. I was particularly annoyed after the Villa game and your article popped up!" - Matt

"Keep at it old son...someone's gotta, and you're easily the most eloquent and insightful amongst us!" - Andy

"All I can say is that you have built up a readership who appreciate and value your thoughts and analysis." - Zeb

"I'm one of your more recent readers and cannot recommend you more highly to fellow Reds. In a culture of poor reporting and even poorer public understanding of football, it's hard to find writers who actually scratch beneath the surface of the game." - Brendan

"If there is anything we can do that you think may help then let us know - after the trouble you went to for our LFC Charity night last year it would be the least we can do." - John, Editor of Anfield-Online and LFC

Click here for Paul Tomkins Books:

Golden Past, Red Future (2005)

Red Revival (2006)

The Red Review (2006)

An Anfield Anthology (2006)

Above Us Only Sky (2007)

Dynasty Fifty years of Shankly's Liverpool (2008)

Compendium (2008)


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