Chicago Blackhawks Ticket Prices: Are They Out of Their Minds?

Kevin Koss

Well the Chicago Blackhawks are coming off a huge season (by their standards) and by far the most exciting in recent memory.  They put forth a strong effort, even though they missed the play-offs, and their young stars showed that the Hawks have a very bright future.  From the great play by rookies Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, one of which will probably win the Calder Cup next month, the emergence of Duncan Keith as a perennial all star, and now the ability to move Khabibulin since Patrick Lalime has stepped up.  But now through all this, having seen the United Center go from barely filling half way, at the beginning of the season, to almost at capacity by the end, the Blackhawks have announced a ticket price and on some seats up to 85%.

What the @#&% are you thinking?  I love going to the Hawks games, they are a blast during the winter.  After all, they are a young, exciting team, that you could go watch at a very reasonable price.  However, being as I'm not extremely wealthy most of the games I went to this season I sat in the $10 seat, occasionally treating myself to a quality seat in the 45 to 70 dollar range.  With the new announcements it appears, my beloved 10 ticket will go up to 15, costing me at least a beer a game (some of you may say I don't need that beer, but don't worry I don't drive).  Now the average price increase will only be about 16% for a season ticket, but some are being hit with an increase of up to 86%, that's just ridiculous. 

And the crazy thing is the biggest percentage increase is happening up in the 300-levels where some seats that used to go for $13.50 a game on the season ticket package are now going for $25 a game, an $11.50 increase or just over 85%.  On the other hand seats on the glass that listed at $275 a game last year will only go up to $285, a $10 increase or about 3.6%.  What an idea, now that we are actually regaining a fan base lets take the little guy to task and let the rich guys get off with barely a slap on the wrist.  This is not the time for these kind of actions.  The Blackhawks have always been the blue collar man's team in Chicago, not like the Bulls or even my beloved Cubs who sold out to the corporate yuppie that can afford the seats, but couldn't even tell you how the game was played or who was on the team.

So in a final note, Rocky Wirtz, you have done a lot of great things for this franchise since you took over from getting it back on TV to reinvigorating the fan base, but please don't squeeze out the little guys.  And to you, John McDonough, unlearn what you learned under the evil Tribune Empire while you were with the Cubs and get back to simple business.  If you guys could survive without a TV Contract and low ticket prices with a brand new TV Deal and obviously new revenue why do you need to up ticket prices as well?  All I can say is if we are going to be paying these prices we had better be playing well into April and early May next year.


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