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'Aguerooooo' and the Most Iconic Commentator Calls in Football History

Ryan Bailey

In the final moments of the 2011-12 season, Manchester City clinched the Premier League title with an injury-time goal against Queens Park Rangers.

Sergio Aguero's effort will stand as one of the most iconic moments in English football history, and it was accompanied by some equally iconic commentary. Martin Tyler's shout of "Aguerooooo!" is so intrinsically related to the moment that fans even had it printed on their shirts.  

Tyler's legendary line inspires this list of the greatest commentary calls in football history... 

Kenneth Wolstenholme Thinks It's All over

The most iconic piece of English football commentary occurred during its greatest moment: The 1966 World Cup Final. 

As Geoff Hurst charged up the field at Wembley in search of his third goal and England's fourth against West Germany, BBC commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme uttered the immortal line:

Here comes Hurst. Some people are on the pitch, they think it's all over. It is now! 

The perfectly timed reaction can be recited by just about any football fan in England, and it even inspired the name of a BBC comedy sports quiz show. 

Andy Gray's 'Take a Bow, Son'

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Robert Pires had an incredible season for Arsenal in 2001/02, typified by this delightful lob against Aston Villa.

Martin Tyler's Sky Sports co-commentator Andy Gray was deeply impressed with the Frenchman's technique—after offering the slightly awkward analogy "you can't buy that, you can't get that in packets," the Scotsman uttered his immortal quip:

Take a bow, son.

The phrase soon became his catchphrase and is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Andy Gray. Well, that and the whole messy business with Richard Keys. 

Fabio Caressa's 'Gol Di Grosso'

When Fabio Grosso scored in the last minute of extra time against World Cup hosts Germany to all but book Italy's place in the 2006 final—Alessandro Del Piero made it 2-0 seconds later—it was an incredibly exciting moment for Italian football.

No one was more excited than Sky Italia's Fabio Caressa, who repeatedly screamed "Gol di Grosso!" ("Goal for Grosso!") as he attempted to process and articulate what had just happened. 

Jack Van Gelder's 'Dennis Bergkamp!' Scream

Here's another piece of iconic continental commentary from the World Cup. At France '98, Dennis Bergkamp scored one of the greatest goals of all time in Netherlands' quarter-final tie with Argentina. 

When the ball hit the net, Dutch commentator Jack van Gelder screamed Bergkamp's name eight times at the top of his lungs, before letting out some kind of guttural noise of ecstasy and relief.  

Andy Gray Compliments Steven Gerrard's Beauty

On the way to a very famous night in Istanbul in 2005, Liverpool pulled off a 3-1 Champions League victory over Olympiakos, which was capped by a brilliant late Steven Gerrard goal.

When the goal was scored, Andy Gray interrupted Martin Tyler's traditional surname-of-scorer scream with a brilliant yelp of: 

Oh you beauty!

He followed it up with "What a hit, son! What a hit!"

Ryan Giggs Cuts Arsenal to Ribbons

During Manchester United's famous 1999 FA Cup semi-final replay, Ryan Giggs scored the best goal of his career. 

The lasting memory of that goal may be the Welshman's Wolverine-esque body hair, but Martin Tyler perfectly complemented the moment with his spur-of-the-moment imagery.

"He's...cut Arsenal to ribbons," said the Sky Sports pundit with the same paused cadence as Neil Armstrong's first words on the moon.  

'Collymore Closing In!'

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On 3 April 1996, Liverpool beat Newcastle 4-3 in what might be the most entertaining Premier League game of all time. 

The score was 3-3 going into injury time until Bleacher Report's very own Stan Collymore approached Pavel Srnicek's goal from a very tight angle to hand the Reds three points. 

This iconic moment in British football was accompanied by Martin Tyler screaming "Collymore closing in!"

This is one of many incidences that show how much brilliant commentary can enliven and enrich the beautiful game. 

David Coleman's 'What a Save!'

David Coleman was the voice of sports commentary for over 50 years, covering six World Cups and 11 Olympic Games. 

Known best for his "One-nil" catchphrase, Coleman was also the voice that accompanied one of the greatest saves of all time—Gordon Banks' lightning fast denial of a Pele header at the 1970 World Cup. 

David Coleman's Keegan Praise

Coleman also made his indelible mark on Liverpool's 3-0 victory over Newcastle in the 1974 FA Cup final.

When Kevin Keegan scored the opener, he made a pragmatic exclamation: "Goals pay the rent and Keegan does his share."

King Kev found the net again two minutes from time, prompting Coleman to come out with some nudity allusions: "Keegan's second and Newcastle were undressed! They were absolutely stripped naked!"

John Motson's Unintenional Swearing

Perhaps I am a little immature—or I have rose-tinted glasses for the genius of Baddiel and Skinner's Fantasy Football League—but this moment from the Euro 96 group stage clash between the Czech Republic and Germany is comedy genius.

All John Motson did was announce Stefan Kuntz's name, but the context makes it seem like unintentional swearing. 

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