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Tommy Tuberville Ditched Texas Tech Recruits at Dinner to Take Cincinnati Gig

Gabe Zaldivar

Tommy Tuberville pretty much just dined and dashed on Texas Tech recruits so he could take the job at Cincinnati. 

Texas Tech's blog (h/t Big Lead) reports their former head coach is kind of a jerk. 

OK, they didn't exactly say those words. They pretty much reported on a story of their coach being disrespectful to some recruits and I filled in the blanks, as you will soon do yourself. 

Apparently a group of recruits, including linemen Devonte Danzey and Sunny Odogwu and receiver Javess Blue, went with a bunch of Red Raiders coaches and Tuberville to the 50-Yard Line Restaurant during their official visit. 

As with any visit, you don't expect a red carpet to be rolled out but you also don't expect to be stood up at dinner by the head coach either. 

We will let Danzey tell the story which starts with him asking coach Tuberville how long he planned to stay with the team. 

I asked Coach (Charlie) Weis at KU and Coach (Dana) Holgorsen at West Virginia (the same question), just so I know my relationship with them...(Tuberville) was just telling me he coached at Miami and Auburn, he coached 10 years and recruited Ray Lewis and kind of blew the question off I didn’t even realize.

The waitress brought our food out, and we thought (Tuberville) went to the bathroom, but he never came back to dinner. Then next thing I know, the next day, he made an announcement that he’s going to Cincinnati.

That's some cold dish right there. 

I understand there may have been some pertinent things he had to take care of with taking over a new job. Changing venues necessitates a fairly pertinent places to go, people to see kind of sentiment. 

Still, you have to be some kind of awful to leave a bunch of kids who came to see you at dinner. 

I understand he was about to leave this job behind, but leave your last job with some modicum of respect and dignity. Hell, finish a damn appetizer first. 

This is a lesson to any Cincinnati recruits out there. If you have Tuberville at dinner, don't let him leave the table. 

Hit me up on Twitter for more tips on fine dining etiquette. 


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