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Kickboxing Star Badr Hari Could Face Attempted Manslaughter Charge

Andrew Saunders

Former It's Showtime heavyweight kickboxing champion Badr Hari has been arrested after allegedly taking part in a July fight at a rave in Amsterdam Arena. reports that Hari was allegedly part of a three-man group who attacked the victim, and that his assault was the most vicious. After suffering a broken ankle caused by a "full force" stomp to his leg, the injured party identified the K-1 star as his assailant. 

Why does this constitute attempted manslaughter? It doesn't. This attack caused a previous victim to press charges on a past incident that was thought to be in the past. Per

The man, who owns Amsterdam nightclub Air, says he suffered a broken jaw and lost teeth after being kicked in the head by Hari.

He did not press charges at the time after Hari allegedly promised never to attend the club again, but he was motivated to come forward after the latest allegations against the former K-1 champion. Hari is being charged with assault in relation to the arena incident but faces a possible charge of attempted manslaughter relating to the nightclub owner.

Considered to be a dirty fighter, the Dutch/Moroccan has twice been disqualified for illegal strikes in kickboxing bouts.

He retired from kickboxing after a May bout so he could focus on a career in boxing. Hari retires with a record of 100-11, with 88 victories coming by way of KO or TKO.

Hari is a one-time MMA fighter who found out that you need more than stellar striking to make it in the sport. Only 22 seconds into the first round, Hari submitted to a forearm choke in the 2002 bout.

His kickboxing career includes a pair of fights with Alistair Overeem. Each man won a bout via first-round knockout.


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