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Greg Olsen Eyes No. 1 Analyst 'at Fox or Elsewhere' After Being Replaced by Tom Brady

Andrew Peters

Greg Olsen is losing his No. 1 analyst spot to NFL legend Tom Brady, who is joining Fox's NFL coverage this fall, but Olsen is still chasing the top spot.

In an interview with Owen Poindexter on the Front Office Sports Today podcast, Olsen made his goals for his broadcast career clear.

"My aspirations are still to be a No. 1 analyst, whether it's at Fox or elsewhere," Olsen said (18:45 mark). "That will never change as long as I do this. I'm not just content to be there, I'm not just happy to have a seat. I want the top seat, and I want that wherever that opportunity allows and I'll never stop working for that. I feel more motivated for that now more than ever."

Olsen joined Fox following his retirement in 2020 and joined the network's No. 1 team ahead of the 2022 season, where he remained in 2023. Olsen earned his second Emmy following the season, this time being recognized as the top Event Analyst.

While he was seen as the best analyst by Emmy voters, Fox is favoring Brady, who will be in the booth as an analyst for the first time in 2024. While Fox doesn't yet know if Brady's on-field performance will translate to television, his star power was likely enough to make him the No. 1 analyst.

Olsen may not be Fox's top analyst for the 2024 season, but given how he has been well-received over the years, it won't be a surprise if he is on the No. 1 team for Fox or another network soon.


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