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Triple H Says Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes Has 'Open Invitation' to Be Part of WWE

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Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes reflected on his recent WWE appearance on Thursday and expressed a desire to do it again sometime. It turns out that the door will be open for the three-time Super Bowl MVP.

While speaking on The Pat McAfee Show on Thursday, Mahomes described his April 29 appearance on Monday Night Raw in Kansas City as "awesome" and added that he wished he could've gotten into the ring. WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Leveque responded to Mahomes' comments with an invitation to return whenever he wants:

Mahomes appeared in the opening segment of Raw alongside WWE United States Champion Logan Paul. He later gave Paul his Super Bowl rings to attempt a beatdown of Jey Uso, but JD McDonagh got hit instead. Mahomes even faced a confrontation from the towering Braun Strowman.

"That's my man Logan, I know he's not the biggest fan favorite over there in WWE, but I had to try to help him out a little bit. But I was definitely scared of the big dude," Mahomes said. "The big dude looked a lot bigger than I expected to see when he walked up, and I was very glad and thankful to Jey Uso for getting him out of there, because I was not ready to go."

Mahomes also joked that Paul never gave him back his Super Bowl rings, so he asked McAfee to try to get them back when he returns to do commentary on Monday Night Raw.

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