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Former NFL WR Antonio Brown Files for Bankruptcy; Owes $3M to Creditors

Julia Stumbaugh

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown filed for bankruptcy on May 15, Michael Goot reported for WNYT.

The filing in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of Florida reported almost $3 million in debt to eight creditors, Goot reported.

The ex-NFL star claimed $50,000 or less in assets, per Patrick Tine of theTimes Union.

Brown seemingly announced the news of his bankruptcy Monday on one of his X accounts.

Brown's debts included $1.2 million he was ordered by a court to pay Florida truck driver Anton Tumanov after he failed to appear in court for an assault case in 2022, according to Goot.

Other civil judgements among the debts included nearly $29,000 that Brown owes a contractor who worked for him at a concert in March 2023, according to a Florida judge's ruling.

Brown also listed money owed to a marketing firm that sued him in 2021 for allegedly not paying commission on more than $2 million in earnings, per Goot and Tine.

He filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which allows businesses and individuals to reorganize assets to pay creditors in the future. It marks the continuation of Brown's public financial struggles.

Last April, Brown purchased a majority share of the Albany Empire in the National Arena League. However, he owned the Empire for less three months before the club was kicked out of the league in June. The NAL said Brown had failed to pay operating costs, and players and coaches threatened to sue Brown for removing their final-game paychecks from their bank accounts.

Brown was also arrested in October on a warrant for missed child support payments.

A 2010 sixth-round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brown spent 12 seasons in the NFL playing for the Steelers, New England Patriots and Tampa Buccaneers.

He earned four straight first-team All-Pro nods on his way to stardom in Pittsburgh, but his career ended erratically when he took off his jersey and left in the middle of his last game for the Buccaneers in January 2022.

According to Spotrac, Brown received more than $80 million in salary during his NFL career.


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