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Video: Browns' Denzel Ward Throws 1st Pitch into Stands at Guardians vs. Mets Game

Paul Kasabian

Cleveland Browns cornerback Denzel Ward did his best Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn impression while throwing the first pitch before the Cleveland Guardians' 7-6 home win over the New York Mets on Tuesday.

A man of the people, Ward purposely threw the ball up and over the backstop, perhaps to give a souvenir to an unsuspecting fan.

In fairness to Ward, he's not a baseball player by trade. The former Ohio State star played football, track and basketball at Nordonia High School (Macedonia, Ohio) before moving to football full-time with the Buckeyes.

He's been sensational since the Browns selected Ward with the No. 4 overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. The three-time Pro Bowler has 276 tackles, 76 pass breakups and 15 interceptions to his name.

It doesn't appear that Ward is going to follow the likes of Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson and become a baseball and football star any time soon, but Cleveland is faring quite well without any extra help. With the Guardians' win Tuesday, Cleveland has taken eight of nine to move to 32-17, good enough for first in the AL Central.


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