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Drake Maye: Commanders' Topgolf Outing Was 1 of the Cooler Pre-Draft Visits I've Had

Andrew Peters

The Washington Commanders took a different pre-draft visit approach than normal last week, inviting Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels and other prospects together for a group visit.

Part of that visit included a trip to Topgolf on Tuesday before going to the team facilities on Wednesday. Maye, who is expected to be a top player of the board in this week's draft, said he enjoyed the nontraditional visit.

"It was one of the cooler visits I've been on," Maye said on the This is Football podcast. "You're surrounded with the head coach and GM and quarterbacks coaches and then took an approach of us all being there together and seeing how we interact. I'm getting the chance to swing the golf club a little bit. I enjoyed it, being around the other guys, got to meet a lot of different guys throughout the process and a lot of guys I saw in high school recruiting."

Of the players there, Maye said he believed he was the best golfer, but gave Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy some props as well.

"I think I had the best swing," Maye said. "I was hitting it pretty good. But J.J. McCarthy was hitting it well as well."

Perhaps Maye's strong golf game will help him get drafted No. 2 over the other prospects on the trip.

If his golf skills weren't enough, his football skills likely would be. The North Carolina quarterback threw for 3,608 passing yards and 24 touchdowns last year and is considered to be the No. 3 overall prospect and the No. 1 quarterback in the draft class by Bleacher Report's Scouting Department.

In the latest mock draft, Maye is projected to go first overall to the Chicago Bears, but the Commanders are likely hoping he will still be available with the second pick.


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