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Chris Paul Rumors: Warriors PG Linked to Spurs Ahead of 2024 NBA Free Agency

Andrew Peters

Golden State Warriors point guard Chris Paul could be a free agent this offseason, and the San Antonio Spurs have emerged as a potential suitor for the veteran, according to NBA insider Marc Stein.

"A potential team to watch, should Paul and the Warriors part ways, is San Antonio," Stein wrote. "Among the early personnel rumbles in circulation: The Spurs could emerge as a Paul suitor if they decide to pursue some veteran know-how on a short-term contract basis to furnish presumptive Rookie of the Year winner Victor Wembanyama with more seasoned help in Year 2."

The Warriors have until June 28 to decide whether they want to exercise Paul's $30 million team option for the 2024-25 season or waive him. If he is waived, he will become a free agent.

Paul's 19th season came to a disappointing conclusion Tuesday when the Warriors fell to the Sacramento Kings in the play-in tournament. He made it clear after the game that he would return for his 20th season.

"That isn't even in question," Paul said of his future, per Andscape's Marc Spears. "I just want to get back to playing."

Now, the question is where the 38-year-old will play.

He was a valuable reserve for Golden State last season, putting up 9.2 points, 6.8 assists and 3.9 rebounds per game, mostly coming off the bench. His assists numbers were the best among the NBA's reserves in the 2023-24 season.

Joining a young Spurs team would be beneficial for both parties. Paul would bring veteran experience to a team that has just three players older than 25, which would be extremely helpful for a squad looking to form a second coming of the Spurs dynasty.

Playing alongside rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama could also give Paul a burst of energy in what is sure to be one of his final seasons in the league. The 7'4" Wembanyama would thrive in an offense centered around the pick-and-roll, and Paul has arguably the most experience of any player in the league at executing that kind of offense.

Some of Paul's best seasons of his career came when he was throwing lobs to Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan for the Los Angeles Clippers, and he could relive that experience finding Wembanyama around the rim in San Antonio.


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