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AEW Collision Results: Winners, Live Grades, Reaction, Highlights From Feb. 24

Doc-Chris Mueller

Welcome to Bleacher Report's live coverage of AEW Collision on February 24.

Revolution is a week away, so in addition to the matches on this week's show, AEW needed to hype the PPV as much as possible.

Here is a look at the card that was advertised for Saturday's show:

Let's take a look at what happened on Saturday's episode of Collision.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Sammy Guevara

Collision. AEW

Guevara's entrance for his No DQ match against Powerhouse Hobbs was a quick stroll to the ring. The rest of the Don Callis Family was barred from ringside, so Hobbs came out alone.

Guevara didn't try to hold back, but Hobbs was too big and too strong for him to get the upper hand out of the gate. Once Hobbs had control,

It took using a steel chair for The Spanish God to gain any headway. They ended up using tables, ladders and all kinds of things to hurt each other, but it was a World's Strongest Slam from the middle rope through a table that finally put Guevara away.

This bout had good energy, some fun spots and a somewhat surprising outcome. All in all, this was a solid opener.

Result: Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Sammy Guevara

Grade: B+

Notable Moments and Observations

FTR vs. Shane Taylor Promotions

Collision. AEW

Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli gave a promo directed at FTR before Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler came out to face Moriarty and Taylor.

All four of these men are great wrestlers with good striking ability. Taylor is a powerhouse brawler, but Moriarty is more similar to FTR in how he uses his technical ability.

Moriarty would have competitive sequences with each opponent and Taylor would come in and clean house. The match had a good pace and used all four men's individual styles well.

FTR pinned Moriarty to win, which was a predictable but logical outcome. They gave a promo after the match and promised to defeat BCC.

Result: FTR defeated STP

Grade: B

Notable Moments and Observations

Thunder Rosa Squash, Bang Bang Scissor Gang vs. Iron Savages

Collision. AEW

A local talent named Lady Bird Monroe faced Thunder Rosa this week in a squash match designed solely to give Rosa a quick win.

Monroe got in a little offense and everything they did looked fine, it just wasn't much of a match. Rosa is still popular with the crowd, so keeping her in regular rotation is smart.

Result: Thunder Rosa defeated Lady Bird Monroe

Grade: Incomplete

The next matchup was a trios contest with Jay White, Billy and Colten Gunn taking on The Iron Savages.

Nobody expected this match to end with the Savages winning, but all three powerhouses always do a great job of giving their opponents fun and competitive matches.

The BBSG had some minor communication issues but it was all part of the story being told. The match itself was nothing to write home about, but the live crowd was having fun and that helped make the whole thing more entertaining.

Result: BBSG defeated Iron Savages

Grade: C+

Notable Moments and Observations

Bryan Keith vs. Malakai Black

Collision. AEW

One of AEW's newest signings was in action this week when Keith took on Black.

The rest of Hours of Black was not at ringside, so this felt like a fair and competitive fight between The Bounty Hunger and Black.

They focused heavily on strikes during the first few minutes. Keith was favoring his knee when we returned from a break, so Black made sure to focus on it.

The leader of HOB won, but it was a hard-fought win. When it was over, the lights went out. They came back on to reveal Mark Briscoe with a kendo stick. He fought off all three members of HOB until it became too much for him.

Result: Malakai Black defeated Bryan Keith

Grade: B

Notable Moments and Observations

Lady Frost vs. Serena Deeb

Collision. AEW

Deeb and Hogan were supposed to have a match this week, but a late change to the card saw Lady Frost step in for Hogan.

AEW played a few clips of some of Frost's matches in Mexico to give fans an idea of what she has been up to.

Frost had a slight power advantage, but Deeb's level of technical prowess allowed her to not only keep things even, but she was often the one in the driver's seat.

After a surprisingly long and entertaining match, Deeb picked up the submission victory. She grabbed a mic when she was done and talked about the women's division being on fire. She put the division on notice that she was bringing the wrestling back to All Elite Wrestling.

Result: Serena Deeb defeated Lady Frost

Grade: B

Notable Moments and Observations

Bryan Danielson vs. Jun Akiyama

Collision. AEW

Eddie Kingston was on hand to watch his rival, Danielson, take on his hero, Akiyama.

The first half of this match was steady and methodical. We saw a lot of good technical wrestling as they tried to size each other up.

Danielson never felt like the underdog in this match and oftentimes felt like he was the one with the advantage despite being less experienced and smaller.

They eventually took the fight out of the ring and fought right in front of Kingston. This was easily the best and most physical fight of the night.

The American Dragon's running knee put Akiyama down for the three-count after a fantastic main event. Danielson shook Akiyama's hand and flipped Kingston off. Akiyama slapped him for being disrespectful, so Danielson kicked him below the belt.

Kingston rushed the ring and beat him down until Castagnoli made the save. FTR ran down to make it a brawl to end the show.

Result: Bryan Danielson defeated Jun Akiyama

Grade: B+

Notable Moments and Observations


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