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Christian Haynes NFL Draft 2024: Scouting Report for UConn IOL

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HEIGHT: 6'3"


HAND: 9"

ARM: 33½"


40-YARD DASH: 5.03




BROAD: 8'6"


— Advanced timing, feel and processing skills show up in all facets of his game.

— Explodes into contact on drive, double-team and base blocks with strong inside hand presence and torquing ability to uproot and secure the first-level defender.

— Expertly navigates his way off combo blocks to the second level, securing the down man before timely releasing to the 'backer.

— Takes good angles on his climbs and pulls to compensate for a lack of burst, resulting in impressive ability to intersect his target on the move.

— A+ finisher who ties up, strains and gets last meaningful contact through the echo of the whistle.

— Assertive, sharp and physical presence against basic line games/stunts and when uncovered to clear the pocket on adjacent rushers.


— Mediocre twitch, quickness and agility shrinks margin for error with aiming points, hand placement and recovery ability.

— Limited range on an island against wide rush alignments can create short corners, especially against spinners and sub-package rushers.


— 12 starts at right guard

— AP third team All-American


— 2-star recruit in the 2018 class, per 247Sports

— 49 consecutive career starts at right guard

— First Husky in the program's FBS era to be named an All-American in two separate seasons (both third-team selections)

— Accepted his invite to the Senior Bowl


Christian Haynes is a four-year starter with 49 consecutive starts at right guard inside Connecticut's balanced run-pass split, zone-based run scheme with duo and power concepts sprinkled in. Haynes is on the shorter side with a high-cut, long-limbed frame, adequate athletic ability and good play strength.

Haynes is an adept run-blocker who wins with technique, processing skills and a relentless demeanor that he uses to finish at a high level. He understands how to create lift on contact to get first-level defenders uprooted and set up for the overtake, with excellent timing and feel on his releases to know when to stay attached and secure or release and climb.

Haynes doesn't offer much burst or agility on the mover, but he counterbalances it with proper angles to intersect his target on climbs and as a puller. He arrives on contact centered, and he ties up defenders once latched with the grip strength and strain to maintain control through the echo of the whistle.

As a pass protector, Haynes wins in isolated matchups against tightly aligned rushers using his length and strong hands to tie them up quickly. He is excellent sorting and picking up line games and stunts while providing pocket-clearing physicality and thump when uncovered.

However, he will get manipulated out of position by wide rush alignments, spinners and sub-package rushers who know how to set up their moves and get his feet stopped. That exposes his middling foot quickness and change-of-direction skills, creating short corners and soft edges.

Overall, Haynes is a hard-nosed, mentally sharp and experienced player with good play strength to bolster an O-line room as a quality interior depth piece. He can work his way into a solid starter in a downhill, play-action-based system as he adapts to NFL speed.

GRADE: 7.3 (High-Level Backup/Potential Starter — 3rd Round)




Written by B/R NFL Scout Brandon Thorn

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