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Kevin Durant Roasted by Adidas in Deleted Tweet After Edwards Shoe Remark: 'U Dusty'

Joseph Zucker

If there's anybody who can appreciate good posting, it's Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant.

The 13-time All-Star had a blunt response when Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards said he would like to see KD put on his new signature sneaker. That prompted an equally cutting response from Adidas on X, formerly known as Twitter, which has since been deleted.

Edwards conceded Durant is signed with Nike. He penned a lifetime deal earlier this year, so the odds of him ever donning a competing brand are slim to none.

Perhaps that's why whoever was running Adidas' social media account felt comfortable taking such a direct shot.

Durant and Edwards have already crossed paths once this year, with Phoenix earning a 133-115 win on Nov. 15. If nothing else, their next meeting on April 5 just got a little more interesting.


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