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Lions OC: Jahmyr Gibbs Might Be Used in Ways 'People Don't Quite Think We Might'

Timothy Rapp

The Detroit Lions apparently have some unique plans for rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs in the 2023 season.

Unique, mysterious plans.

"We might use Gibbs in some ways that people don't quite think we might," offensive coordinator Ben Johnson told reporters on Saturday.

Does that mean a big role for Gibbs in the passing game? Gadget plays? A bit of Wildcat with Gibbs taking the snap?

It remains to be seen. But Johnson's comments suggest that the Lions are going to try to get the ball into Gibbs' hands a lot this season. The Lions also have David Montgomery in the backfield, and he figures to see plenty of carries between the tackles.

But it sure sounds like Gibbs is going to eat too.


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