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Florida A&M Suspends Football Activities After Rap Video Was Filmed in Locker Room

Adam Wells

Florida A&M has suspended all football-related activities following the release of a rap video that was filmed in the team's locker room without proper authorization.

In a statement from head coach Willie Simmons, the video was filmed by a "prominent rapper" and contained "graphic language that is not consistent with Florida A&M's core values, principles and beliefs and an internal investigation is underway to determine who authorized the use of not only the athletic facility at Galimore-Powell, but also licensed apparel that potentially violates university branding and licensing agreements."

Per ESPN's Adam Rittenberg, the video was from Real Boston Richey for his song "Send A Blitz" and features the rapper in the locker room wearing a Rattlers' t-shirt and team helmet.

Several Florida A&M players were also featured in the video.

The song contains sexually explicit lyrics, as well as references to guns and dealing drugs. The video features Richey and others donning a Florida A&M helmet. Richey is also wearing a Rattlers' polo t-shirt with the Nike logo and khakis.

Simmons' statement noted he is "a proud proponent of free speech" and supports "all forms of musical expressions," but the football team "has a responsibility to protect the University's image."

Gerald Thomas III of the Tennessee Democrat noted the song title promo on Apple Music is in Rattlers' orange and green and features a diagram for what appears to be a football play design.

The school has opened an investigation into how the locker room was able to be accessed for the filming of Real Boston Richey's video.

Florida A&M has claimed 16 national titles and has won 37 conference titles. Simmons is entering his fifth season with the program. He has a 33-12 record with one appearance in the FCS playoffs in 2021.

The Rattlers are scheduled to open the 2023 season on Sept. 3 against Jackson State.


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