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NFL Exec Says DeAndre Hopkins Doesn't Have Much Left: 'He Can't Run Anymore'

Doric Sam

Veteran free-agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins was arguably the best player at his position during his prime, but it sounds like there are some around the NFL who believe he's no longer the game-changer he once was.

While Hopkins remains unsigned following his surprising release by the Arizona Cardinals on Friday, Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer asked a longtime league executive what the 30-year-old has left.

"Not much," the exec answered. "He can't run anymore."

Hopkins missed eight games last season, including six from a suspension for violating the NFL's performance-enhancing drug policy.

Despite appearing in just nine games, he still led the Cardinals with 717 receiving yards while also posting 64 catches and three touchdowns.

Another league exec offered a more optimistic evaluation of Hopkins, telling Breer: "He's still a good player. Good route-runner, big, physical target that can play a ball in the air. He's still a threat."

Wherever Hopkins lands, he should be motivated to put his back-to-back lackluster seasons behind him and return to the form that earned him five Pro Bowl selections.


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