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IndyCar to Investigate Wheel That Flew over Fans at Indianapolis 500 After Crash

Joseph Zucker

IndyCar owner Roger Penske expects to see an investigation into what caused a tire from Kyle Kirkwood's car to sail over the catch fence during Sunday's Indianapolis 500.

"We have tethers on the wheels, and it was a rear wheel that came off," Penske said. "And I'm sure the guys at IndyCar will look at it, will determine what really happened."

On Lap 185, Felix Rosenqvist lost control after hitting the wall and clipped Kirkwood, which caused one of Kirkwood's tires to fly off the car and sail near one of the grandstands.

"We haven't had a wheel come off in a long time," Penske said of the situation. "We were very fortunate we didn't have a bad accident."

The tire wound up hitting a car parked outside of the track.

Robin Matthews was the fan whose car was damaged, and she had the chance to walk onto the track after the race for her trouble.

The incident was especially surprising because RACER's Marshall Pruett reported in December the IndyCar Series was planning to utilize "new and stronger rear wheel tethers" intended to provide more stability and security.

Based on Penske's comments, it may not be long before IndyCar officials are implementing changes to avoid what happened at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday.


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