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Deion Sanders' 1st Spring Game at Colorado Generates $200K Net Profit, AD Says

Jack Murray

The University of Colorado was looking to make a splash when they hired Deion Sanders, and it appears that things are already headed in the right direction.

The monetary details have been released from the program's spring game on April 22nd and the results are positive. The Buffaloes will turn a net profit of "around $200,000 dollars" from the event, and athletic director Rick George is enthused.

"Just the merchandise sales was the largest we've had of any home game this past year, so that in itself was good," George said (via Brian Howell of "Obviously when you have 47,000 people there, there's revenue that's generated from that, and concessions.

"It was positive revenue for us and it was really good exposure for us to be on national TV. It was a good day for Colorado athletics."

This was the first time that the program has sold tickets to the event since the 1980's, and the tickets were sold for $10 each. The sold-out event had 47,277 fans in attendance.

The team made "about $343,000 from ticket sales and about $143,000 in concessions", which after expenses leaves the team with the aforementioned $200,000.

The new coach expressed joy at the turn out for the event, citing the energy from the crowd as a huge plus.

Colorado went 1-11 in 2022, and the hiring of Sanders shows a commitment towards relevancy in the future. Sanders has caught some criticism for how he is building the team, but the return on investment for the school appears to be solid so far.


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