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Ray Allen Names His All-Time NBA Starting Lineup, Picks LeBron James as Sixth Man

Doric Sam

Basketball Hall of Famer Ray Allen had the pleasure of playing both against and alongside LeBron James during his career, but he had an interesting spot for his former teammate in his all-time NBA lineup.

While speaking at a meet-and-greet, Allen was asked to list his best starting five with a sixth man. The 47-year-old quickly decided on his starters, but after taking some time to think about his sixth man, he settled on James:

To be fair, Allen's starting five is packed with some heavy hitters, so having James come off the bench has some logic to it. Any opposing team would have a tough time trying to keep up with Allen's lineup.

Allen, who won an NBA title with James while they were with the Miami Heat in 2013, will be watching the 38-year-old as he tries to lead the Los Angeles Lakers past the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals starting with Tuesday night's Game 1.


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