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Cowboys Exec Disputes Deion Sanders' Claims: No 'Conspiracy' Against HBCU Players

Timothy Rapp

Colorado Buffaloes head football coach Deion Sanders tweeted over the weekend that he was "ashamed" of the 31 NFL teams that didn't select a player from an HBCU school after only the New England Patriots took Jackson State's Isaiah Bolden in the seventh round.

Bolden agreed with Sanders:

Will McClay, the Dallas Cowboys vice president of player personnel, pushed back against those comments.

"Deion's doing a great job of promoting HBCUs and promoting Colorado and all those things," he told Mike Fisher of "And so, that's part of what the deal is—he wants to see players drafted. We want to draft good football players, and good football players come from everywhere."

"There's not a conspiracy against drafting HBCU players," he added. "We're looking for players that can come from anywhere. I think that we've had the opportunities in the NFL in having things to highlight the HBCU schools."

In February, the NFL held the HBCU combine in an effort to offer more visibility for players from those schools.


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