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Tiger Woods Withdraws From 2023 Masters With Injury After 7 Holes of 3rd Round

Tyler Conway

Tiger Woods is done at the 2023 Masters Tournament.

Woods withdrew from the event Sunday morning before play resumed after a rain-soaked Saturday. The 15-time major champion finished seven holes in his third round and would have had to play 29 holes Sunday to complete the event.

Limping heavily and in obvious pain as he made his way through the early portion of Saturday, Woods was six over through his first seven holes and was in last place among the 54 players who made the cut.

Woods has dealt with severe leg pain since a life-threatening 2021 car crash. While he's managed to rehab his injuries and make a return to the course, it's clear he's not currently capable of playing high-level golf for four straight rounds.

Woods has been cut or withdrawn from three of the four majors he's played since returning from the injury. This is the first time in his career he's withdrawn from the Masters and just the second time he's failed to play the weekend in golf's biggest event.

On the positive front, Woods was able to narrowly make the cut this week and match the all-time record with 23 straight Masters cuts made.

The mounting injuries, which halted his prime even before the car crash, have led to Woods contemplating retirement.

"I don't know how many more I have in me," Woods told reporters coming into the week.

Woods looked defeated on the course Saturday, an all-time great quite literally playing on his last legs. There has been something admirable about his comeback from injuries that would have ended the career of nearly every other athlete on the planet, almost as if it was his one last way to show off his legendary competitiveness.

That said, if Saturday was the last time we see Tiger at a Masters tee box, it might be for the best.


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