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Predictions for Tiger Woods for Remainder of Masters 2023 after Play Suspended

Jack Murray

Tiger Woods made history this weekend, but that doesn't mean he is anywhere near contention for another green jacket.

Woods successfully made the cut at the Masters for the 23rd consecutive time, tying him with Gary Player and Fred Couples for the most of all time. He didn't reach this point easily, finishing in last place among qualifying golfers and relying on bogeys from competitors to reach that mark.

Looking beyond the weekend qualification, any bid for a championship is basically impossible. He currently sits at nine over overall and six over in the third round through seven holes before Saturday's round was suspended because of weather.

He would need to revert to prime form to event flirt with red numbers. At this point, it looks like finishing the event in general would be a gutsy effort.

If Tiger decides to withdraw, it is completely understandable. If not, he is flirting with his worst performance in the tournament. He also has 28.5 holes left to play, which is something that he may be physically incapable of doing at this time.

The safest prediction to make is that he will withdraw from the tournament. He may rally to finish the third round, but it would be a mammoth task to play another 18 on championship Sunday on top of the holes remaining in his third round.


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