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Raiders Rumors: Darren Waller Was Upset by Josh McDaniels Leaking Kelsey Plum Wedding

Joseph Zucker

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels apparently spilled the beans on Darren Waller's upcoming nuptials with Las Vegas Aces star Kelsey Plum, much to the star tight end's chagrin.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Tuesday the Raiders are trading Waller to the New York Giants for a 2023 third-round pick.

In what could be a total coincidence, Vic Tafur of The Athletic reported Waller was frustrated with McDaniels, who along with general manager Dave Ziegler preempted the official announcement of his wedding.

Plum later mentioned on Twitter that McDaniels was not invited to the wedding:

Trade speculation surrounding the 2020 Pro Bowler predated any recent discord between he and McDaniels.

The Green Bay Packers reportedly made a run ahead of the 2022 trade deadline and were willing to send a second-rounder to Las Vegas. Green Bay also unsuccessfully tried to get him last offseason.

In January, Waller's future with the Raiders once again came under doubt after ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported the 30-year-old was believed to be available.

A third-round pick was a pretty light return for a player with his track record, but McDaniels and Ziegler can point to a few reasons to justify this trade.

Waller is on the wrong end of the aging curve after having missed 14 games over the past two years, and he has the highest average salary ($17 million) for a tight end.

Among the initial reactions to the move was that Waller hardly had enough time to enjoy his wedding to Plum before he gets shipped out to an entirely different part of the country from his new wife.

As it turns out, maybe he won't be too heartbroken after all.


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