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Lamar Jackson Denies Rumor He Rejected Ravens Contract with $200M Guaranteed

Timothy Rapp

Lamar Jackson is currently the center of the NFL universe, as the star quarterback is free to seek offer sheets with other teams around the league this offseason.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter (h/t Kyle P. Barber of Baltimore Beatdown), Jackson previously turned down a contract offer from the Baltimore Ravens that could have included up to $200 million in guarantees.

However, Jackson denied that report on Twitter:

The Ravens have five options this offseason as it pertains to Jackson. First, they could re-sign him to a long-term extension. Given how long the two sides have negotiated without getting one done, that seems unlikely.

Two, they can wait for him to sign an offer sheet from another team and match it, keeping him on that deal. Teams reportedly haven't been particularly inclined to do the Ravens' dirty work for them, so this option seems unlikely.

Three, they can wait for him to sign an offer sheet, decline to match it and get two first-round picks out of the deal. Possible, but it also seems unlikely.

Four, they could find a sign-and-trade partner and lose Jackson that way. Given that the Ravens can get two first-round picks just by waiting for an offer sheet to come in, their price in a sign-and-trade should be high. This situation is also only possible if Jackson signs his franchise-tag tender. So it's complicated, but certainly possible.

And finally, five: Jackson signs his franchise tender and plays with the Ravens in the 2023 season on a one-year deal. This is the worst possible scenario for Jackson, so it seems unlikely and could lead to a lengthy holdout. But the more time that passes without resolution, the more possible this scenario becomes.

And so we wait to see where the former MVP and one of the most dynamic playmakers in football lands. It's shocking that the Ravens may lose their franchise cornerstone this offseason, though they have plenty of ways to keep him.


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