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Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox Top Sportico's List of MLB's Most Valuable Teams for 2023

Scott Polacek

The New York Yankees are once again the most valuable team in Major League Baseball.

Sportico released its 2023 rankings of the league's most valuable teams ahead of the upcoming campaign, and the Bronx Bombers top the list at $7.13 billion. There is a sizable gap between them and the Los Angeles Dodgers ($5.24 billion) and Boston Red Sox ($5.21 billion) in the top three.

Here is a look at the complete list:

1. New York Yankees, $7.13 billion

2. Los Angeles Dodgers, $5.24 billion

3. Boston Red Sox, $5.21 billion

4. Chicago Cubs, $4.69 billion

5. San Francisco Giants, $3.81 billion

6. New York Mets, $2.82 billion

7. Atlanta Braves, $2.75 billion

8. Houston Astros, $2.58 billion

9. Philadelphia Phillies, $2.46 billion

10. Los Angeles Angels, $2.45 billion

11. St. Louis Cardinals, $2.44 billion

12. Washington Nationals, $2.18 billion

13. Toronto Blue Jays, $1.97 billion

14. Texas Rangers, $1.93 billion

15. San Diego Padres, $1.87 billion

16. Chicago White Sox, $1.84 billion

17. Seattle Mariners, $1.8 billion

18. Baltimore Orioles, $1.6 billion

19. Minnesota Twins, $1.56 billion

20. Milwaukee Brewers, $1.5 billion

21. Detroit Tigers, $1.46 billion

22. Cincinnati Reds, $1.39 billion

23. Colorado Rockies, $1.37 billion

24. Cleveland Guardians, $1.36 billion

25. Arizona Diamondbacks, $1.33 billion

26. Oakland Athletics, $1.31 billion

27. Pittsburgh Pirates, $1.26 billion

28. Kansas City Royals, $1.21 billion

29. Tampa Bay Rays, $1.19 billion

30. Miami Marlins, $1.07 billion

The Yankees' astronomical valuation jumps out, and Sportico noted only the Dallas Cowboys ($7.64 billion) and Golden State Warriors ($7.58 billion) are worth more when it comes to sports franchises.

Elsewhere, the Houston Astros were the biggest movers from last year's rankings.

Houston jumped three spots from 11th to eighth and also saw its total valuation increase by 8 percent. It turns out winning a World Series is good for business, as the Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in six games in the Fall Classic.

They are near the top of the list, but even those on the bottom are still worth a considerable amount of money.

Every team on the list is valued at more than $1 billion, which is notable in a league without a hard salary cap. Even the Miami Marlins, who are last on the list, check in at $1.07 billion.

But everyone is looking up at the Yankees.


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