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Attorneys: Tiger Woods Never Had Oral or Written Tenancy Agreement with Erica Herman

Erin Walsh

Attorneys for PGA Tour star Tiger Woods said in a court motion he never had an oral or written tenancy with former girlfriend Erica Herman, per ESPN's Mark Schlabach.

Herman is suing the Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, which she alleged Woods controls, for at least $30 million after he asked her to move out of his Jupiter, Florida, home following their breakup in October.

Herman said she had an oral tenancy agreement with Woods that allowed her to live in his home "in exchange for her performing personal services during their six-year relationship," per Schlabach. She said there were five years remaining on the oral agreement at the time Woods ended their relationship in October.

Herman alleges the trust violated the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act by breaking the oral tenancy agreement.

"During their relationship, Mr. Woods invited Ms. Herman to live with him as his guest in the Residence," the motion said. "Mr. Woods never negotiated an oral tenancy agreement with Ms. Herman. Nor was there ever a written tenancy agreement between Mr. Woods or the Trust, on the one hand, and Ms. Herman, on the other hand. Mr. Woods never transferred to Ms. Herman any ownership interest in or rights of possession to the Residence."

Woods' attorneys said the golfer "arranged for Herman to stay in a local luxury resort and gave her money to apply toward a new residence after their breakup," per Schlabach.

Herman was a general manager of Woods' restaurant before the two began dating in 2017.


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