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Tiger Woods Being Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman for $30M for Removal From Home

Scott Polacek

Erica Herman, who is Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend, is reportedly suing the golfer for $30 million for allegedly violating a verbal agreement she said was in place by preventing her from accessing the Florida home where they once lived together.

TMZ Sports obtained documents that say the couple lived together for six years before they split last fall.

Herman said Woods' representatives told her they were taking her to the airport for a "short vacation" and then informed her she was "locked out" of the house and could not return once they arrived at the airport.

The basis of the lawsuit is the "oral tenancy agreement" she said the couple had that would have allowed her to live in the house for five more years with a "reasonable rental value" of $30 million total.

Woods' trust responded to the lawsuit with documents saying there was no such agreement in place and that she simply lived there as his girlfriend and would then, presumably, live somewhere else after they split.

TMZ previously reported Wednesday that Herman filed legal documents against Woods regarding a non-disclosure agreement she said he made her sign when they started dating.

Herman said the federal Speak Out Act, which prevents a previous NDA from being enforced in a situation involving sexual assault or sexual harassment, applies in this case. She also said Woods' private trust is enforcing the NDA to prevent her from discussing her experiences with him.


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