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Netflix Drops Trailer for 'Full Swing' PGA Tour Series Featuring McIlroy, Spieth

Adam Wells

PGA Tour fans will get an immersive look into the world of what it takes to be a professional golfer in Netflix's upcoming documentary series Full Swing.

The streaming giant released the first trailer for the series featuring several PGA Tour stars, including Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth, on Wednesday.

The eight-episode series is a joint production between Vox Media Studios and Box to Box Films in partnership with the PGA Tour. Box to Box Films is the production company behind the wildly successful Netflix F1 series Drive to Survive.

Per the official description from PGA.com, the series "will showcase players through their wins and losses, allowing fans a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to compete—and succeed—at the highest levels in men's professional golf."

"You picked a hell of a year to start following the PGA Tour," Ian Poulter says in the trailer.

It's a very fitting assessment of what happened off the course in 2022. The PGA Tour has been locked in a battle with LIV Golf for the future of the sport.

McIlroy and Tiger Woods became the public faces for the PGA Tour amid the discussion around LIV. It's unclear how much the divide will be a factor in the series, though it should be touched on in some way.

The series will also offer an inside look at players during some of the year's biggest events, including the Masters, Open Championship, PGA Championship and U.S. Open.

All eight episodes of Full Swing drop on Feb. 15.


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