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The Masters Mistakenly Invites Wrong Scott Stallings to 2023 Golf Major

Adam Wells

If you're an amateur golfer who shares a name with a PGA Tour pro, you could mistakenly receive an invitation to play in The Masters.

This was what happened to Scott Stallings. The 37-year-old revealed on social media his invite to play at Augusta National Golf Club was accidentally sent to another man with the same name who lives in Georgia.

Adding to the confusion is that the other Scott Stallings said his wife is named Jennifer.

Stallings, the professional golfer, has been married to Jennifer White since 2007. Luckily the other Scott Stallings was honest about the situation and sent the invitation to the correct recipient.

It would have been interesting to see how far the non-professional Stallings could have taken this if he wanted to play in the Masters. He said in his note that he does play golf, but "nowhere near your level."

The PGA Tour's Stallings secured an invitation to the 2023 Masters by finishing in the top 30 of the FedEx Cup standings. It will be his second appearance in the tournament and first since 2014. He finished tied for 27th in his debut in 2012.

The 2023 Masters will be played from April 6-9.


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