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Bodybuilder Paul Poloczek Dies at Age 37; Won Arnold Classic Amateur in 2017

Mike Chiari

Professional bodybuilder Paul Poloczek has died at the age of 37.

According to TMZ Sports, Poloczek's death was announced by his partner, Katherin DeNev, in a social media post: "Bodybuilding was your life. You are not forgotten, you live on in our hearts. We will love you forever. ... I love you, baby."

Poloczek, who was born in Poland, had been a pro bodybuilder since 2017 after winning the Arnold Classic Amateur competition.

Per Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Times, Poloczek died just hours after competing in the NPC Worldwide Championship bodybuilding event in Germany.

Derek Dufour of Generation Iron reported that Poloczek moved to Germany at the age of four and grew up playing soccer before taking an interest in bodybuilding at the age of 16.

Poloczek joined the Powerhouse Gym in 2002 and won his first junior bodybuilding championship after turning 17.

Dufour added that Poloczek took a hiatus from bodybuilding after 2018 but returned to active competition in 2021.

Poloczek's death comes less than two months after bodybuilding star Cedric McMillan died at the age of 44 in April.

McMillan, who had several top-10 finishes in the Mr. Olympia competition and won the 2017 Arnold Classic, reportedly died after suffering a heart attack while working out on a treadmill.

No cause of death has been announced for Poloczek.


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