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Ja'Tyre Carter NFL Draft 2022: Scouting Report for Southern OT

BR NFL Scouting Department

HEIGHT: 6'3 3/8"


HAND: 10 1/4"

ARM: 33 5/8"

WINGSPAN: 6'7 1/2"

40-YARD DASH: 5.13

3-CONE: 7.84



BROAD: 9'0"


— Well-rounded, thick build with good arm length and big hands.

— Crisp and smooth out of his stance on 45-degree pass sets to get to his landmarks square and on time.

— Packs a punch on contact with strong hands to latch, press and keep defenders at his fingertips.

— Flashes impressive outside hand usage in pass protection, including an effective bait and switch to keep rushers guessing and a circle punch to evade chops and swipes.

— Excels on angle-drive blocks, controlling and displacing defenders laterally.


— Rarely tested on film and wasn't a dominant finisher.

— Tends to land high on the pads of defenders with his hands, forcing him to quickly reset to gain leverage on blocks.

— Choppy footwork transitioning to his anchor late in the rep causes him to fall off the block near the top of the quarterback's drop.

— Plays high and looks stiff on the move; doesn't line up or explode through smaller targets.


- 11 starts at LT.


— Former 0-star recruit who played basketball all four years of high school and football during his junior and senior seasons as a tight end and defensive lineman.

— Led his hoops team to the state championship as a senior and was named MVP with 19 points and 17 rebounds.

— 37 career starts, all at left tackle.

— Accepted invite to the 2022 Senior Bowl.


Carter was a four-year starter at Southern with 37 starts at left tackle, including 11 during the 2021 season in a multiple run scheme. He has a well-rounded, thick build with good arm length and big hands. He primarily plays out of a three-point stance, going to the two-point on some passing downs.

Carter was rarely tested in college, and while he didn't have many pancakes and knockdowns, he consistently played under control and balanced. Carter has strong, powerful hands to strike and latch on to defenders and the upper-body strength to uproot and displace them laterally on angle-drive blocks. He fluidly comes out of his stance in pass protection, using a 45-degree set to reach his landmarks square and on time. He flashes impressive outside hand usage to bait rushers and circle punch around attempted chops and swipes to access their frame and end reps quickly.

Carter needs to improve his overall hand placement and correct a bad habit of landing high with his hands to fully capitalize on his length and strength, as he too often slips off initial contact and has to reset. Rushers who can convert speed to power late in reps can pry him open and get to the quarterback near the top of the drop because of erratic, choppy footwork in his anchor. Carter looks stiff and plays high on the move without much juice as a puller or while leading in space.

Overall, Carter has a stout build with good arm length and upper-body strength to hold and take ground in the running game plus the burst out of his stance to stay square with a strong base to his landmark. Carter's technique starts to break down late in reps, and his inability to dominate middling competition is a concern, but he more than held his own at the Senior Bowl at guard and center, making him a Day 3 flier with swing interior backup potential.

GRADE: 5.8 (Backup/draftable - Round 6/7)




Written by B/R NFL scout Brandon Thorn


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