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Big E Defeats Bobby Lashley in Steel Cage Match, Retains WWE Title at Raw

Joseph Zucker

Big E passed his first big test as WWE champion, beating Bobby Lashley in a Steel Cage match in the main event of Raw on Monday night.

Lashley thought he put his opponent away with a Spear, only for Big E to kick out. That summed up a match in which both men left everything in the ring.

Sensing the need to take a risk in order to gain a decisive edge, Big E connected on a Big Ending from the second rope for the victory.

Lashley and Big E opened Raw with a traditional singles match, the former's first crack at the champion since dropping the belt. The bout ended in a disqualification after a brawl at ringside between The Hurt Business and The New Day spilled into the squared circle.

That led WWE official Adam Pearce to pit Lashley against Big E in a situation that would limit the outside interference.

Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin still found a way to make their presence felt. Xavier Woods returned the favor when he slammed the cage door on Lashley as he was attempting to exit to the outside.

Whereas title rivalries often extend across multiple pay-per-views, Big E and Lashley may already be headed in separate directions.

Prior to the main event, Goldberg left little doubt as to his desire to gain a measure of revenge against The All Mighty following their encounter at SummerSlam.

For Big E, the upcoming two-night WWE draft could provide a hint at his next challenge. The champion could end up on SmackDown or have a top contender move over from the blue brand.

Assuming he sticks around on Raw through the draft, Drew McIntyre's arrival at the close of Raw was certainly telling.


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